Kenya Increases Land-related Charges and Fees

Kenya Increases Land-related Charges and Fees. This is what a new bill is proposing as part of the recent directive by the William Ruto-led administration.

The proposed adjustment to land-related fees which had not been updated for over 30 years is predicted to cost Kenyans a lot to own land if enforced.

Kenya Increases Land-related Charges and Fees: More Perspectives

According to Lands Cabinet Secretary (CS) Alice Wahome, the main purpose of the proposed statutory is to adjust the current statutory instruments regarding the fees stipulated for different services provided by the government in the land sector.

She proposed an increase in the land search fees from the KSh 500 currently being charged to KSh 2,000, land registration fees to KSh 1,500, corporation certificate fees to KSh 1,500, and incorporation of trust fees from the present KSh 5,000 to KSh 50,000.

After the changes have been effected, the fees for certified copies of land will consequently cost KSh 3,000 for the first 10 copies and KSh 100 for each additional page.

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The fees charged for the resubmission of registration of any document will now be KSh 1,500, the correction of name not occasioned by the registrar – KSh 2,500, the notice of revocation of power of attorney – KSh 5,000, and the ascertainment of boundaries in disputes – KSh 5,000.

Additionally, the application for fixing boundaries will be KSh 5,000, placement of caution – KSh 3,000 and KSh 5,000 for a registrar to be out of office for more than a day plus transport.

Finally, professional advisors on land registration matters will now charge a fee of KSh 5,000.

According to Hass Consult’s land price index quarter two report 2023, land prices in Nairobi’s suburbs were at a standstill, recording a 0.1% drop in the quarter ending June 2023.

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