Mali And Niger Terminate Tax Treaties With France

Mali And Niger Terminate Tax Treaties With France. Two West African countries, Mali and Niger have terminated their respective treaties with France regarding cooperation and administrative aid in tax issues.

Mali’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently posted on the X app, a joint communiqué by which the neighboring countries terminated the 1972 France-Mali tax treaty and the 1965 France-Niger tax treaty.

It was stated that the tax agreements with former colonial ruler France would stop within three months.

According to the French tax authorities’ website, these agreements have existed with Mali, since 1972, and Niger, since 1965, to eradicate double taxation and initiate rules for mutual aid. The tax agreements include personal and corporate income tax, inheritance tax, and registration duties.

Mali And Niger Terminate Tax Treaties With France: More Perspective

This move is the most recent act of rebellion by the two countries towards France since military forces seized power in Bamako in 2020 and in Niamey earlier in the year.

Niger and Mali are not the only African countries that have severed their treaties with France. Earlier this year, Burkina Faso, whose military took over last year made the same move.

The move made by these countries came after their agreement to form an alliance this year and their foreign ministers have also proposed the creation of a confederation.