Kenyan Private Universities Seek Tax Waivers Due To Education Reform

Private universities in Kenya have been forced to seek tax waivers, as a result of education reforms.

Following the scrapping of the Government Sponsored Students (GSS) program, enrollment in private universities has experienced a serious decline.

Speaking during the University’s graduation ceremony where some 800 graduates received their Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates in Thika, Kiambu county, Gretsa University Chancellor Prof Kibathi Mbugua said that the decline in enrollment is making them struggle financially.

Kenyan Private Universities Seek Tax Waivers Due To Education Reform: More Perspective

Prof Kibathi mentioned that unlike in the past when they would receive government scholarships, students now have to apply for the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and hope they get needed funds so they can attend private universities.

Due to the decline in student enrollment, the university has been forced to offer more innovative courses to promote the University and pull more students.

He then urged the government to partner with private institutions by providing aid in the form of tax waivers to help keep them in business so they can continue providing education for higher institution students.

The chancellor pleaded that the government consider offering tax reliefs in all building materials approvals, equipment, and other areas.

According to him, private sector education providers occasionally receive donor help including learning equipment but they usually get charged with heavy taxation such as huge importation duty.

These are some of the areas where the government has been asked to waive taxes.

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