VIDEO: Introduction to Tax Essentials and Brief History of Tax in Nigeria

In this video, Olatunji Abdulrazaq, the founder of Taxmobile.Online and Africa Tax Review explore the fundamental aspects and rich historical roots of taxation in Nigeria.

He gave a brief definition of Tax then we delve into the essential principles of tax systems worldwide and state its role in sustaining governments worldwide.

Subsequently, the video goes on to demystify the fundamentals of taxation and its primary goal of revenue generation.

  • You’ll gain valuable insights into how taxation has evolved, from indigenous practices to formalized systems, shaping the economic landscape of Nigeria.
  • You’ll Understand the pivotal role taxes play in economic behavior, social justice, and macroeconomic management during challenging economic times.

Whether you’re a student, a history enthusiast, or someone keen on grasping the financial intricacies of a nation, this video is crafted for you.

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